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moving sites

today we moved from site 31 to site 29. the site we were in is really for motorhomes much larger than ours. the sites we are usually in (#28 or #29) were both occupied when we arrived two weeks ago. but site #29 just became vacant, so we moved today

visit + dinner

i took lucy for a run at burnaby lake this morning. it was much warmer this morning, despite the feel of fall. it was very pretty with the leaves being various colours. fall is a pretty season

later we were off to mom’s for a visit and then to dinner. i was able to download the pictures from her camera on to her computer. we got to see, through slideshow, all of her alaska cruise pics


when we were in billings, at the costco the were selling an electric fireplace. we wondered if it would work in the motorhome. well this same electric fireplace was at our local costco, so today we brought one home to see if it world work in our motorhome

it will not. the assembly, while easy enough, it just did not look complete. it is designed to sit on the floor against the wall, but it still protrudes too much into the space where we wanted it to be. oh well :-(

first salmon

i took the dogs for a walk this morning. i saw my first salmon in the brunette river. he was making his way towards the fish ladder at caribou dam

ignition recall

there was a large gm recall on ignition switches. our her was one of the cars with a recall. today i was off to white rock (where we bought the car) to have the service work done. the person i booked the appointment with said that it could take up to three hours

it was raining cats & dogs when i left to drive ut to white rock. the traffic was crazy busy due to the rain, including lots of accidents, stalls, etc.

the car was done in an hour and a half. it was still raining for the drive back to burnaby, but the traffic was much lighter


today we did a bunch of errands


i took lucy for a run in stanley park this morning. it sure felt like fall with all the trees having turned various colours and all the leaves that were falling

later in the day, we took the dogs to the dog park. it was very quiet there, likely due to the holiday (the news was reporting that there were lone waits at all the border crossings and the ferries

traveland rv

this morning i took lucy for a run. it was a great fall day for a run

later in the day we went out to langley and meet with laurie from traveland rv. she was our salesperson when we shopped for our sun cruiser. they are selling more newmar than winnebago. they had only a couple of entry level windbag motorhomes on the lot, but several newmars. we really liked the 2015 ventana 4037, but what a sticker price! we will not be moving in / driving about in that motorhome unless we win the lottery

turkey dinner

we decided to have thanksgiving dinner today. earlier i went to the grocery store and bought all the food. while many stores were selling turkeys at .99 cents a pound IF you bought $50 whole of groceries - not including the turkey. but at the superstore, the turkeys were .99 cents a pound with or without buying anything else

we ant over to my mom’s to cook the food. we had turkey with sausage stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes with roasted garlic, and baked acorn squash. dinner was delicious!

costco + burgoo

my mom came over this mornongg and we were off to costco to do some shopping. afterwards, we took the dogs for a walk at burnaby lake

tonight we went to dinner in north vancouver with our friends mary & tom. the food at burgoo is very good

satellite lnb + software upgrade

we have a winegard roof mounted satellite. our service provider is shaw, which launched a new satellite (means there is now three satelites that can provide us tv programs). to get the new satellite, we needed to update the lnb (i call it the eye that “gets” the satellite to our dish) and do a software update. while we were in delaware, we ordered the new parts. today i did the install of everything. there were three parts; (i) going up on the roof of the motorhome and replacing the lnb, (ii) plugging in the ‘black box’ and programming the receiver, thus upgrading the software, and (iii) calling shaw to have them refresh the service to recognize the new lbn, thus us getting the new third satellite. wasn’t all that difficult, just some time (about 2 hours in total)

lnb = low noise block (who knew!) - It is the device on the front of a satellite dish that receives the very low level microwave signal from the satellite, amplifies it, changes the signals to a lower frequency band and sends them down the cable to the indoor receiver