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today was a low key day…. i took the dogs for a walk at burnaby lake, then larry and i went grocery shopping at the superstore and got a dvd from the red box (philomena - which we both thought to be an excellent movie. the movie is based on the book, the lost child of philomena lee and i’d heard a great interview with the author on cbc)


we were off to my mom’s today for a visit and dinner. for dinner, we went to montana’s and all had back ribs - delicious!

vancouver & north vancouver

it was a rather dull grey day with rain on & off. i walked the dogs in the morning and luckily the rain held off and we stayed dry. later, we did a drive into vancouver (along the water front and through stanley park) and then over to north vancouver. seeing the cranes reminded us of where we stay in long beach

barnet marine park

i took the dogs for a walk along the river this morning. they were very happy that it was dry following two days of non-stop rain. after we returned, and they had their breakfast, larry and i decided to go to ihop for breakfast. we then went for a drive and stopped in to barnet marine park


more rain

this was day two of non-stop rain. the dogs were not impressed. i did drag them out for walk, but they were not happy


this was a day of non-stop rain. neither on of the dogs wanted to go out. around four o’clock, the rain turned to a drizzled and i took the dogs out for a walk

grocery stores

after walking the dogs, today was were off to the grocery stores to buy groceries. then i did some cooking to make some meals for the week


i took lucy for a run this morning. then we did a couple of chores before going out for lunch with our friend russ, who was in town. russ & sue use to be here in the park, but with russ ending work, they have now returned home; great lake, co


this morning, i took the dogs for a walk along the river. it was a cool morning, but the very blue skies. later, we did a drive to the fraser river, near where we use to live (i a condo). it did get warm today (18 celsius / 65 fahrenheit) - reminding us of the temps in so. cal.

dog bath

i took the dogs for a long walk this morning. later, the dogs got a bath. we find that after a visit / stay at the vets, they are a bit ‘medicinal’ smelling. now we have two fluffy puppies and they smell fresh. we did get some tulips