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roundup, lavina, acton

i took both lucy & zoey for a long walk this morning at riverfront park. they enjoyed the marooning as it was very crisp and they seemed to notice a lot a good smells

after breakfast we were off for a country drive, going through the bull mountains to visit the communities of  roundup, lavina, and acton. one can easily see way montana is called big sky country



i took lucy for a run and after breakfast we did a drive about billings, visiting  moss mansion and rimtop park (which provides great views)


i took lucy for a run this morning. after breakfast, we were off to find the library. our ipads both need to be updated to the new operating system. the wifi here at the park is too slow for the update, so off we go to the library. there you always find good wifi. the library is new, having opened in january 2014

afterwards we were off to costco. its time for a tire rotation on the car. two of the reasons we decided to buy our tires at costco; they are located everywhere and the original cost of the tires included free tire rotations :-)


today was about tackling some long over due chores. i washed the motorhome (and big was it grimy). larry tackled the interior windows


i took lucy for a run this morning at riverfront park. it is less than two miles south of the park. the river is the yellowstone river

after breakfast, we left the dogs at home (as it was to be hot today) we did a drive through the downtown then we were off to buy groceries. i also got some new storage containers to replace to old tupperware storage bins

later in the afternoon we took the dogs to riverfront park for a walk on the trails there

its my mom’s birthday today, so celebrate we are going for ribs tonight :-)

and lastly, it is three years today that i ended work!



billings, mt

today we drove to billings, it was as short drive so we arrived just after 12 noon. i was a very pretty drive

buffalo, wy

there is a saying”…shuffle off to buffalo”. well that’s exactly what we did today. we took one of the state highways, rather than the interstate. we a slower drive, but a really pretty one

we are overnighting in buffalo, then off to billings. in the park, i saw this signage and it made me smile

hill city, mount rushmore, rapid city

this morning i took the dogs for a walk within the campground. while there a trail at the end of the road into the campground, this place is large enough to get a long walk in without leaving the property

after feeding the dogs their breakfast, we were off to hill city for breakfast. after that, we were off to mount rushmore. lastly, we were off to rapid city to check out the town

hill city, sd

this morning we departed the koa and drove west on the i90. we have landed in the black hills at rafter j bar ranch campground, near hill city. we are very close to mt rushmore. in this area, at the higher elevations, they have had snow

midland, sd

we departed mitchell this morning and had an easy drive west on the i90. we are going to the black hills, south of rapid city, but its just over 300 miles  from mitchell, so we decided to break the drive in half

tonight we are staying at the koa at exit 170. the owners run a restaurant on site and the special; rib eye. so that’s what we did for dinner. glad we did - it was delicious

mitchell, sd

we departed forest city this morning and drove north, then west. there was a very strong wind today and the skies were grey and stormy looking. we landed in mitchell at the r&r campground for the night. we did unhook the car so we could drive downtown to see the corn palace; mitchell’s claim to fame

winnebago factory, day two

once again, we were up very early this morning to be ready for nate to take our motorhome at 7:00 a.m. everything was done about 2:45

we meet another couple here. they are also getting service work done. they asked if we wanted to join them for dinner at a local place that is having all you can eat chicken & ribs. it was delicious and fun chatting with jolene & lori who have been full timing for ten years

tonight’s sky was rather grey and stormy looking…