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i took lucy for a run this morning. then we did a couple of chores before going out for lunch with our friend russ, who was in town. russ & sue use to be here in the park, but with russ ending work, they have now returned home; great lake, co


this morning, i took the dogs for a walk along the river. it was a cool morning, but the very blue skies. later, we did a drive to the fraser river, near where we use to live (i a condo). it did get warm today (18 celsius / 65 fahrenheit) - reminding us of the temps in so. cal.

dog bath

i took the dogs for a long walk this morning. later, the dogs got a bath. we find that after a visit / stay at the vets, they are a bit ‘medicinal’ smelling. now we have two fluffy puppies and they smell fresh. we did get some tulips

quarter round

i took lucy for a small run this morning at burnaby late. at noon, we were off to my mom’s to buy and install quarter round to the rooms she had had resurfaced. first stop was home depot and back to the condo for the installing. got everything done and we decided to go out for chinese dinner (that was VERY yummy)

a new look

today was a low key day. the dogs had a rather restless night, which meant we had a restless night. they both had surgery, so their were effected by the sedation

i decided to look at tumblr’s support page and check out the various templates. this new look is called ‘brick’. we’ll try it out for a bit

took the dogs for a walk this afternoon along the river. here are pics with the new lens


vet + dim sum

this morning we were off to the vet: time for zoey & lucy’s annual shots, blood work up, teeth cleaning, etc. as we had lots of time between dropping the dogs off and them being finished, we arranged to meet our friend steve for dim sum. on wednesdays, our favourite dim sum place is closed, so we tried the golden ocean in kerrisdale. the dim sum was good, but not as good as at the flamingo

the dogs were somewhat groggy when we picked them up - especially lucy. zoey ate dinner, but lucy would not

tamron lens

the last couple of months i have been looking at telephoto lenses. i found a lens that can take both wide angle and zoom pics. so today we were off to kerrisdale camera where i got a tamron af 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 mm lens. here’s a example of the zoom

income tax revisited

after the success in using of taxtron to do mom’s and dad’s income tax, i decided to re-do ours. glad i did as the program was able to do the pension splitting and now, we’ll both get a rebate :-)

just back from driving the completed returns over to surrey to the drop off box…. and volila, that task is all done now


we had a very low key restful day today - very  relaxing. i did take the dogs for a couple of walks though

more income tax

we went over to my mom’s today and tackled my dad’s and mom’s income. i downloaded taxtron and it was relatively easy going. much better than the paper and pencil and all those forms

income tax

i took lucy for a run this at burnaby lake. then i tackled our join income tax return. lots of paperwork!