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suncruiser 38q

i took lucy for a run. before entering the rv park /golf douse, there is a large area of new houses. it was a good place to run as there was no to little traffic

today we off to camping world. the spokane location has a new 2015 suncruiser 38q and while we had seen the floor plan in one of the brochures at the winnebago factory, we wanted to see the motorhome in person. very nice :-)



i took the dogs for a walk this morning around part of the golf course. the grounds are very well maintained and the trees are beginning to turn their fall colours. nice place

after breakfast, we were off to check out spokane. the area of the riverfront is the best

deer park, wa

we departed missoula this morning, drove west on the i90, passing through idaho, and have landed in deer park. we staying at the spokane rv resort (facing the golf course) and will be here for a week. we have often driver through spokane, but never stayed here. we are now back on pacific time

missoula, mt

we departed bozeman this morning and drove west on the i90. we have landed on the west side of missoula where we will stay for the night


i took lucy for a run this morning. after breakfast we were off to check out the town. there’s a great downtown area with lots of interesting stores and restaurants - and it was busy!

i bought a zojirushi bread machine as it makes a rectangular shaped loaf. as well, this machine will fit on a shelf in the pantry

we found a different dog park, which was much better than the park we went to yesterday

bozeman, mt

we departed billings this morning and drove west on the i90 and have landed in bozeman. we are going to stay two nights so we can check out the area

after we got set up, we were off the dog park that is near by. not much of an off leash dog park. there are also trails here so lucy and i go go for a run tomorrow morning


i took lucy for a run this morning. it was a definite fall morning as the air was cool and crisp

this was our last full day in billings. we did a slew of chorea today; some in preparation for the drive tomorrow, and some that we just needed to do. we then when to do some grocery shopping

in the later part of the afternoon, i took the dogs for a long walk at the park - something they really enjoyed 

roundup, lavina, acton

i took both lucy & zoey for a long walk this morning at riverfront park. they enjoyed the morning as it was very crisp and they seemed to notice a lot a good smells

after breakfast we were off for a country drive, passing through the bull mountains to visit the communities of roundup, lavina, and acton. one can easily see why montana is called big sky country




i took lucy for a run and after breakfast we did a drive about billings, visiting  moss mansion and rimtop park (which provides great views)



i took lucy for a run this morning. after breakfast, we were off to find the library. our ipads both need to be updated to the new operating system. the wifi here at the park is too slow for the update, so off we go to the library. there you always find good wifi. the library is new, having opened in january 2014

afterwards we were off to costco. its time for a tire rotation on the car. two of the reasons we decided to buy our tires at costco; they are located everywhere and the original cost of the tires included free tire rotations :-)