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bountville, tn

we de[arted williamsburg this morning, driving west and south to land in blountville. we are at rocky top campgroun for one night. this is a great place; far enough off the highway that there’s no noise, but not so far that its a long drive



williamsburg, va

this morning it was rather foggy (first time we’ve had fog here). as the fog began to burn off, everything got wet. the fog was a gone and things were pretty dry by 8:30

we were underway by 10:00 driving south out of delaware and into maryland and then entering virgina. we landed in williamsburg where we will stay for the next three nights 

rehoboth beach

i told zoey and lucy that this is our last full day here - no beach walk tomorrow nor for a while

after breakfast, we did some chores in preparing to drive tomorrow. the longer you stay in one place, the more preparation there is. bernadette came over this afternoon for a visit. for dinner, the four of us were off to the big fish where we had another great meal. after dinner & dessert, we said our goodbyes in the parking lot

bethany beach

the plan for the morning was to walk the dogs early and then get the oil changed in the car, then later, we would go to visit bethany beach with bernadette & bob….

on the way to the beach walk, the ‘check engine’ light came on. after the walk, i continued on to get the oil changed. after that i went to the gm dealer / service centre. fortunately they were able to take the car. the dealership gave me and the dogs a ride back to the campground in their courtesy car

back on plan, later bernadette & bob picked us up and we were off to bethany beach. couldn’t believe the number of people at the beach!! and this is a monday afternoon - and school began here today

the dealership called about 2:15 and the car was done. after visiting bethany beach, bernadette & bob dropped larry at the campground and me at the dealership. for dinner, we were off to bernadette & bob’s for spaghetti and clams


after the beach walk we were off to brunch with bernadette & bob and another couple. great food :-) after eating, we rolled over to their house and a visit. it was a restful day with lots of food

chore day

after an early walk with the dogs on the beach, today was about doing chores; some grocery shopping and indoor cleaning. staying at the beach means a lot of sand somehow makes it way in and gets everywhere. otherwise we had a restful day


it rained overnight. heavy rain. we awoke to a small lake around the motorhome

i took lucy and zoey to the off leash dog beach. they do enjoy the beach. after breakfast, bob & bernadette picked us up and we were off for the day. we checked out lewes and had lunch at a great place, touch of italy


this morning lucy and i were off for a run. i found the rehoboth beach board walk, but dogs are not allowed. i then found the off leash dog beach (very nearby)

yesterday, with bernadette, we had decided that for today, we’d go shopping. there is no tax in delaware. the best find… we got some great ’salad plates’ at a store called home goods. these will replace some old ones

we had dinner at bernadette & bob’s. and then some of their friends came over for dessert


rehoboth beach, de

this morning we packed up and we were off to delaware. the tolls were expensive today. we landed at delaware seashore state park. our friends that live here, in lewes (and if you want to blend in, you will pronounce it ‘lewis’) booked us the site way back in february (as this place is popular). we have great views from our site and we’re a short walk to the atlantic ocean

after we were set up, we called our friends and decided to have a late lunch / early dinner at the irish eyes in lewes. as boob was babysitting a grand child, it was bernadette larry and i who had lunch (don’t worry, we brought back food to the house for bob)